Signs of Roof Damage You May Have Missed


Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home; it protects everything that you value and care about.  Still, it’s probably one of the aspects of your home that is lowest on your radar.  At a glance, your roof may seem like it doesn’t have any problems, but have you taken a closer look?  You may have an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality, but your roof could be suffering right under your nose.  Keep reading for some indicators you may have missed. 

Curled, Cracked, or Missing Shingles

Shingles will curl, crack, or fall off as your roof grows older.  These are signs of wear from weather, and though it may seem harmless, these damaged shingles could lead to more damage and leaks in your home.  If you do notice curled, cracked or missing shingles on your roof, avoid walking on the area, as this can increase the damage and shorten your roof’s lifespan by years.

Dark, Dirty, or Wet Shingles

Does your roof look wet, even when it hasn’t rained?  If you are noticing wet spots or dark streaks on your roof shingles, these are warning signs for damage.  The dark spots you see are actually algae growing on the shingles, and the wet spots could be indicating shingles that are rotting and soaking in water for excessive amounts of time.  All of these can lead to one thing if you don’t take action: leaks in your home.  We recommend having a roof inspection as soon as you notice abnormalities in your shingles.

Wear and Tear Around your Chimney

Wear and tear is to be expected, as your roof is exposed to the outside air and all different types of weather every single day.  But you should keep an eye on the areas around your chimney and other tubes and pipes on your roof.  Each of these pieces is attached to your roof with metal or cement, and these materials can suffer some severe damage if left unattended.  Water and other materials can seep through the cracks and before you know it your roof is in ruin.

Staining on Interior Ceilings or Walls

This will be one of the easiest indicators to spot, but staining on your ceiling or wall in your house almost always means that liquid is penetrating your home, most likely through your roof.  The first step after you notice staining on your interior should be getting an inspection of your roof to be sure of how severe the damage is.

Higher Energy Bills

Your roof plays a crucial role in making sure that the ventilation in your home is functioning properly.  If there is damage to your roof, whether its cracks, missing shingles, or a leak, it will interfere with the ventilation in your home.  This will lead to your heating and cooling systems working harder to maintain temperatures in your home.  Take a look at your energy bills to see if there is an increase in cost, and if so, check your roof for damage that you may not see at first glance.

Moss on Your Roof

Plants are a great addition to your home decor.  But where are plants not appreciated?  On your roof.  If you are seeing moss buildup on your roof, that’s a key sign that there is excess liquid buildup.  Your roof will experience rot that will guarantee a lot of damage.  Don’t ignore the growths on your roof; no matter how pretty it looks, it only spells bad news for your roof!

Your Roof is Up There in Age

No matter how your roof looks, if it is getting old, you should definitely get it inspected regularly.  The years of exposure to weather mean that it is getting old and has the potential to sustain damage.  Don’t wait until your roof is leaking.  Instead, have a contractor inspect your roof about every three years.  This way you will be ahead of the curve and avoid the excessive damage from the elements listed above.


The key point here is no matter what is going on with your roof, Don’t Panic.  It may freak you out that your roof has some newfound problems, but this doesn’t mean that you need to rip your roof off and start over.  Instead, look at the situation with a level head and have a contractor look at the damage before you make any replacement plans.  Some issues can easily be fixed with some light repair.

And we can promise that One Call will never sell you a service you don’t need.  Whether it’s a quick fix or you really do need a full roof replacement, One Call will work with you to find the perfect solution.  Contact us through our 24/7 Emergency Services Tab on our website, or sign up for a free estimate.  We are ready to help you with all your roofing needs, no matter how big or small!

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