We don’t do just roofing ? One Call also installs SIDING as well! We install many types, including vinyl, solid core, fiber cement, and composite siding. SCHEDULE AN ASSESSMENT TODAY TO LEARN MORE ABOUT EACH SIDING OPTION, and expert advice on the one that’s best for your home.

Vinyl SIDING is a newer option for your home that resists deterioration and rotting. Vinyl siding looks like painted wood, but with much more durability. However, it can be damaged in rare cases, such as being hit by large hail.

Similar to vinyl SIDING, solid core siding looks very close to authentic wood siding, but doesn’t need to be painted or protected from rot. However, solid core is much stronger, has insulating factors, and a wider exposure.

Like vinyl and solid core, fiber cement SIDING looks like painted wood without risk of rotting. Fiber cement is a plank made of cement material, with reinforcement mesh for extra strength. While just as durable as solid core or vinyl siding, fiber cement will need to be painted over time.

Composite SIDING is another great option to protect your home. Composite is very strong, does well in extreme weather, doesn’t need to be painted, and won’t rot away. Because of its durability, composite siding is becoming popular for outdoor decks.

With all home improvement projects, the cost of new SIDING is dependent on several variables. One Call always uses open book pricing on our projects ? meaning that well share all our prices up front, and share all the options with you. CONTACT US TODAY TO LEARN MORE about our open book pricing for your home siding needs.

Not entirely, but close: One Call can replace all of your exterior wood surfaces that require regular maintenance. This can be done by replacing your exterior with a “no maintenance required” solution, or fitting custom aluminum over the existing wood SIDING.

There are multiple ways One Call can help lower your utility bills with new SIDING. First, we can use regular insulation or rigid insulation board while installing your new siding ? resulting in lower energy bills. Another option is to install solid core siding, raising the insulation around your home upon installation. Finally, we can add an exterior wrap to your siding project, making your walls more energy efficient. CONTACT US TODAY TO LEARN HOW SIDING CAN REDUCE YOUR TOTAL UTILITY BILLS.

We’ve designed each of our SIDING products to last a lifetime ? so you’ll never have to replace your siding ever again!

One Call can install SIDING at any time of the year. CONTACT US TODAY TO SCHEDULE AN ESTIMATE and plan for your new siding to be installed!

Once One Call is on the job, we’ll take care of everything. We’ll protect your lawn and plants with tarps, and use heavy-duty magnetic rollers to pick up every stray nail. The only thing that will remain is the new SIDING on your home.

Absolutely not ? all of our work will be done on the outside of your home. Our installers won’t need access to your home during the project.

After installing new vinyl SIDING, you can expect to see a return of approximately 80%, not including any savings on utility bills.

You can install either in any order ? or you can save time and install them both at the same time. CONTACT US TODAY TO LEARN ABOUT ALL YOUR SIDING INSTALLATION OPTIONS.

By incorporating your new SIDING and new gutters as a complete home improvement project, you can make your soffit and fascia board as maintenance free as possible! However, both can be done independently of each other.

One Call can easily install SIDING over an old stucco exterior. CONTACT US TODAY TO LEARN MORE!

Most of the SIDING products that we install are also available in a vertical profile as well.

While every job is different, new SIDING can be installed on your home in less than a week.

We’re prepared for weather of all seasons. Should the rain start falling, our installers will take all the necessary precautions to protect your home from rain.


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