One Call specializes in many aspects of MASONRY work, including chimney crowns, chimney repair, and masonry maintenance and waterproofing!

The biggest problem you’ll find is the chimney crown: the top portion of cement on your chimney. The crown is usually sloped to shed water, and keeps the top of your chimney together.

The chimney crown prevents moisture from getting into the chimney cavity itself. Ultimately, this protects both your chimney and home from water damage.

A cracked crown allows water into your chimney, breaking down the mortar and causing heavy damage to the chimney itself. If that water freezes as a result of the weather, the thawing could crack the chimney! Chimney damage is easy to prevent, but very expensive to repair.

Adding cement alone doesn’t fix the problem. In fact, even though it appears to be “repaired,” the crack will reappear very quickly.

One Call uses Crown Seal for chimney crown repair. This is a product developed specifically for chimneys. Because Crown Seal is flexible, it will not crack once applied.

Cement is a very rigid, inflexible material once set. When the MASONRY expands and contracts as a result of natural weather patterns, cracks occur.

A MASONRY chimney is a chimney comprised of masonry materials: brick, stucco, stone, or block. If your chimney is made of one of these products, then you’ve got a masonry chimney.

Unprotected chimneys allow water to seep into the porous MASONRY over time. The water ultimately breaks down the mortar, and can cause home damage.

Instead of silicone, we use siloxane for a number of reasons. Siloxane is able to get deep into the MASONRY, allowing the chimney to breathe while protecting it from water damage.

No ? we always use a clear waterproofing technique, which does not affect the look of your chimney.

While every chimney is different, the average repair can be completed in less than a day.

In addition to saving time, when you order multiple products and services, you may be able to take care of special discounts from One Call!

One Call would be happy to send an inspector to your home for a free evaluation. Maintenance today can save you money in the future ? SCHEDULE YOUR COMPLIMENTARY INSPECTION TODAY!


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