You May Need Roofing Services If You Have These Things

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If you are a homeowner with an older roof, it’s likely you’ve already seen instances of leaks in your light fixtures or skylights. Even if you can’t see them, but hear them, it’s a clear sign of leaking. While it’s not unusual for an old roof to show signs of weakness, it’s important to be prepared. No one wants to have a bucket for drips in their home. One Call Home Remodeling Group prepares Orlando with roofing services and any leaks you may find. But if you do find any, here are some common causes.

Roofing Services For Common Leaks

  • The Flashing Is Broken

What is Flashing? They are thin pieces of metal installed beneath the shingles and joints of your roof. They are there to create a barrier of water-resistance and are either exposed or concealed. If they are exposed, you’ll see them in runs of long sheets of metal and if they’re concealed, they have a coating of rubber on top. Any broken flashing will have large cracks.

  • Broken Shingles

Those are easily spotted! Shingles are the exterior layer of your roof, and you’ll see if any are broken by the color-differentiation or missing patches. After a heavy storm, this might be the cause of your leak.

  • Valleys Are Not Sealed

This is where two planes of the roof come together. These spaces are usually sloped, and if they’re not sealed together, rainwater will get inside easily. This is easily spoopted by seeing wet spots that run along the seams of the roof.

  • The Vent Is Cracked

Vents are the small pipes striking out from the top of your roof. Their purpose is to expel any excess moisture from inside the house. More than likely, most leaks from this area leave dark spots.

  • Ice Dam Buildup

A ridge of ice that forms on the edge of the roof will prevent snow from draining off. The weight of the ice can damage the roof itself, and let water pool on the surface. 

  • Skylights Are Not Sealed

Leaks of this kind are again, very easy to spot. If you do notice pools of water beneath your skylight or it’s very damp on the carpet, check to make sure it’s a drip and place a bucket beneath. Another cause may be the flashing issue instead and it’s also leaking by the skylight. Have a technician check it out!

Another Tip

Whether it’s logged gutters, mechanical issues, materials not properly sealed, or just the age of your roof, you probably going to need to call a service. Some things you can fix, such as preventing mold growth, clearing debris from gutters, and removing any ice build-up around your house. But with bigger issues, we’re here to help.

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When your roof has leaks or is damaged, One Call Home Remodeling group has you covered with experts. We provide roofing, siding, installation, repair, and more! Call us today for your roofing services in Orlando, or our other location in New Jersey. Call us today!

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