Why Roofing Companies Advise You Not To Ignore Your Water Stains

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Staring at the brown spot, as you’re directly beneath it, is not a good sign. Water stains are a good indication that you have a leak in your roof. Whether you’re in Orlando or New Jersey, One Call Home Remodeling has you covered, literally! With the presence of water stains that moisture getting through your roof will cause a multitude of issues. We’re the roofing companies that aid in replacement and fix the stains before they get bigger. This is why you shouldn’t ignore those brown spots.

Go with Roofing Companies

With wet stains, it means the drywall ceilings have absorbed the water through the material and been there for awhile. Chances are it means a leaky roof or a pipe running through that section of the home, but if on the second floor, guaranteed it’s the roof.

Most residential homes are the first to fade or weaken over time, as their roofing materials have been exposed to harsh elements. Heavy rain and snow, water will eventually break through. It will first come through the ceiling, and then to your living space. The first sign is that darn brown spot.

The first step you should take is find the source and put a stop to it. If it’s in the ceiling and unreachable, contact One Call Home Remodeling Group, and we’ll come inspect what’s going on. We’ll help stop the leak. 

The second step is to access the damage that’s already been done. Whether it’s the attic, storage space, always check underneath the leak to see other water damage or if any has occurred. Dry things thoroughly and as soon as possible to prevent any mold growing in places it shouldn’t. 

Insulation is another place to look for any damage. If water damage has occurred through the roof, the first place it does go through is the attic insulation. The water spot is a clear indication where your insulation damage is. To prevent mold growing and spreading, remove the wet insulation and discard. Replace promptly. 

Don’t Ignore the Water Stain

The worst thing you can do is ignore that brown spot. Deal with the issue promptly and prevent further structural damage and other issues. Letting it go will cause irreparable damage, and the consequence will be to tear out the section and replace it altogether. 

Once the underlying problem is fixed, you can now repair the ceiling. We recommend taking a bleach cleaner, very mild (1 part to 3 part bleach) as this will help remove the stain and any grease, dirt, mildew, and dust. Place a sheet below the stain, get protective eye gear, gloves, a sponge, and you’re ready to go.

Don’t Avoid the Stain, Call Us Instead!

One Call Home Remodeling Group can help with that brown stain on the ceiling by finding the leak. We’re the roofing company that has your needs met with cost effective options and roofing selections. We’ll have you stare at that same spot, and have you wondering if there was a stain at all! We meet Orlando’s needs with quality service and observant inspections.

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