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A roof is one of the most significant parts of your home. It not only ensures shelter, but it acts as the first line of defense. Against what? Storms and extreme weather. However, there are certain times when people show negligence over the roof quality/ maintenance and become the victim of uncalled disasters. Getting roof inspection services from One Call Home Remodeling Group in Orlando becomes essential. Read ahead and understand how you can avoid any mess in the future.


Scheduling Roof Inspections


Generally, people only go for an inspection after a hailstorm or any significant weather event. And that’s where they are wrong because that isn’t the only time people should consider getting their roof inspected. Here’s when and why you should go for the inspection –


Right before the commencement of the winter season. Why? Frigid temperatures can compromise the newly installed roof. Also, getting a repair done in such a season can be treacherous, and new shingles don’t seal down properly during cold weather. Further, certain repairs must be started during the fall, so they can be completed soon when spring arrives. Also, by the time you need help, keeping the roof financing checked becomes essential too.


Homeowner Inspections vs. Professional Inspections


There are specific roof problems like missing or flapping shingles that can be identified without climbing the roof. But certain damages aren’t visible to eyes that are untrained, hence getting the help of Orlando professionals becomes essential. Why? Because only an experienced eye knows where to look.


Calling the experienced professionals of a reputed company is always advised if your roof holds ten years to its credit. Further, while getting the roof inspection, it is always better to get your insurance company on board so that all your repair costs are covered.


When your agent calls in a reliable and experienced roof inspector, you can expect that any leaks, damage caused by windblown debris, unusual wear, and tear, organic growth issues, will be checked. Only proper roof financing can help you with the cost of repair, so be sure to have an insurance company by your side. 


Four Facets Of Inspection 


  • Structural Inspection: 


Under this, you can expect the roof to be checked for any uneven roof planes. The inspector will also look for any signs of sagging and examine the condition of the fascia, soffit, and gutter system. The venting system, along with the chimney, is also inspected during the process.


  • Material Inspection: 


The next part of roof inspection has the inspector look for missing, rust; loose, curling shingles; stains, moss, and missing flashing or fasteners. The rubber boots and seals found around the vent pipes are also checked.


  • Interior Inspection: 


Since rooftop spills harm your home, the assessor will check inside roofs, the upper room, and inside walls for mold, water stains, decay, and different signs that water is advancing into your home.


  • Workmanship Inspection: 


The inspector in New Jersey will look for issues in the craft that could expand the danger of leaks or other damage. Inaccurate blazing around rooftop entrances—including vent lines, fireplaces, and skylights — would be considered warnings.


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When you contact One Call Home Remodeling Group, roof financing becomes easy because we provide you with a detailed report on the condition of your roof that can be shared with your insurance partner.


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