Our warranty covers our premium products – both labor and material – as long as you live in your home. And because the warranty is not prorated, we’ll cover it if your roof fails.

When you furnish your home with One Call’s WINDOWS, SIDING, and more, our goal is to save you 49% on your total utility consumption.

We carry all the necessary insurance and bonding on all of our jobs. If anything goes wrong in the course of the work on your home, One Call’s insurance and bonding protects you.

If a roofer doesn’t pay the material bill, a supplier may be able to obstruct your property by filing a mechanic’s lien against the title. While this scenario is possible, it will never happen with One Call! We are a reputable company with a deep history.

Yes. If you should have problems with your shingles, you might get the shingle materials only, but on a prorated basis. This assumes you can prove that the materials failed, and not the workmanship.
If the labor fails, you could get free or discounted labor, assuming the company is still in business and you can prove the labor failed. This leaves a lot of risk over your head – literally. When you buy a premium roofing solution from One Call, there’s no gap in coverage. We’ll stand behind both the labor and materials of your roof as long as you live in your home! If it goes wrong, we’ve got it covered.

One Call offers many quick and confidential FINANCING options for your project. VISIT OUR FINANCING page to learn more.

One Call accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

We’re glad to answer any questions for you! Call us today at 1-800-747-0283, or SEND US AN E-MAIL! . We look forward to talking to you about your home needs!

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