The first thing anyone sees when visiting your home is your driveway. Most driveways are plain gray concrete without any added finishes or textures. However, you can add a touch of luxury. Stamped concrete and exposed aggregate finishes are a great way to give your driveway and property curb appeal. Not only do they come in a variety of patterns and colors, but they also provide a long-lasting surface that requires little maintenance.

Specializing in regular grey or stained concrete as well as stamped concrete services.

One Call Construction is a locally owned small business which focuses on creating an aesthetically pleasing product that is long lasting. We can replace your driveway with a quality aggregate, stamped, or traditional broom finish, which can make a huge difference in your homes appearance.

We take great pride in preparing and finishing all concrete projects, using only quality concrete products. Call today and he will evaluate your current driveway, answer your questions, and provide a free quote.

Below are some examples of concrete and stamped concrete driveways. Call today for pricing information.

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